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roblox internship.

ux design intern | 10 weeks

During my 10 week internship, I partied with the Principal Designer at Roblox to redefine the first time player experience. Deliverables included a full UX Audit presentation to communicate the opportunities for improvement, as well as mockups and a clickable prototype for product managers to propose adjustments to the first time user experience.


1. UX Product Audit of the entire mobile app on iOS devices
2. Clean Wireframe Mockups of the redefined first time player experience

People get overwhelmed and leave

Roblox experiences a high drop off rate, once users get beyond the basic sign up process, since they are overwhelmed by the enormous collection of games within Roblox. How do players make sense of which game to play first and is their first game a good game?

Inability to identify their avatar

Prior to getting into the game, there is no opportunity for the player to make a connection with their avatar. With a lack of introduction to their digital identity, kids get confused about who they are within the game.

What is Roblox?

Many kids come to Roblox not really knowing what it is, there's no direct value proposition shown to the audience that grabs their attention and makes them want to join in on the fun.

How do I control my avatar?

Through recent usability tests, we found that kids had a hard time understanding how to move through the game. This became a burden on the player, as they began focusing on the fact that they couldn't move which took away from the fun of the games.


Getting to know the user so we can provide value through our platform.

Digital Identity

Introducing people to the concept of avatar and familiarizing them with their given identity.

About Roblox

Teaching users the core knowledge of Roblox who we are and what you can do here.

Game Controls

Ensuring that people have the vital knowledge to focus on the game objectives than how to control themselves.

Welcome Screen Loop

Users can get stuck here, and just gather all they need to know about Roblox, and never sign up.

Sign Up Process

Feedback was to work with another designer on the team, and align my sign up process with hers.

Tell Me Why

Tell me why you’re collecting this information. We should see how the information you collect impacts my experience.

COPPA Requirements (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule)

Meet with PMs to understand what is legally necessary on each screen, and if any of the legal requirements impact the sequence of steps.

Process Matters

Have a clear vision of the problem you're solving, and get familiar with the space you'll be working in. Understanding the space and researching the problem, is a very important first step in the empathetic user centered design process.

Opinions ≠ Facts

Always listen to opinions, but remember that opinions cannot be treated the same as facts. This is important to your prioritization and work as a medium between your user and stakeholders.

Think of Your Audience

Empathizing with kids is much harder when you're no longer a kid. Being in tune with your user's goals, desires, and pain points is important. Additionally, when giving presentations, or design briefings remember who you're speaking to and try to use their language to get your message across.