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amazon internship.

ux research intern | 12 weeks

I worked with a multi-disciplinary Seller Support Team during my 12 week internship in Seattle. This user research project informed a key operational planning proposal, and allowed designers, project managers, and product managers to understand users’ experiences and align business goals to unmet user needs.


Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, I cannot share every aspect of my internship.

For my 12 week internship I was asked to conduct mental model research on a specific feature, with a scoped group of users.

When designers become immersed in their work, it can be difficult to place themselves in the mindset of their user. By conducting mental model research on a specific user group, the findings and pain points revealed can assist designers while crafting the complex support system.


I used a mixture of qualitative research methods to understand the true pain points of these sellers. Methods used include stakeholder interviews, semi-structured interviews, and survey. Apart from conducting the studies myself, I also learned how to create screener surveys, screen participants, and schedule them for my own research study. Being able to go through this process myself, I realized how important it is to stay organized. This internship taught me the value of project management, asking questions, and meeting with stakeholders regularly.


Midpoint, post-research, and final presentations to keep stakeholders updated with my progress and research findings.

User Segmentation + Mental Model Research

Living document that summarizes the user group and their mental model, in terms of pain points and understanding of the feature researched.

Research Paper

Summary of research method, results, recommendations.

Plan Ahead

Be prepared for participants to cancel, and manage your time as a researcher. Stay organized and always push your studies forward. Getting stuck behind the logistics of the study can inhibit your progress and make getting answers and user stories impossible. Always push for the user's voice and make that your agenda.


Findings are meant to be told to people of various roles, to ensure a user-centered process. Make sure you discuss what you learn with people in different positions to hear how it impacts their responsibilities.

Feedback is a Gift

As a UXer, it's important to leverage feedback. Ensuring that you can balance your own intuition over what other people tell you is important, but always listen and consider what others tell you. Working on a bright and collaborative team is a blessing.